Todd is definitely climbing mountains, and each day is a genuine discovery. Friday, as you all know, had me running around the hospital jumping for joy! As the day progressed there was another amazing moment. We were talking about his body and comfort….his head hurts and so does his neck, everything else does not illicit a response. This is clear in our communications, when I asked if he would like to move a pillow, I received a very firm head side to side NO! Then, the conversation turned to his mother…when I asked him if he would like to see her, to talk to her I received quite the nod (brought tears to my eye). Then I thought I would test him…”Is your mother’s name Annie?”. Another firm nod. I have the nurses trying to help me figure out a call to Annie, I can see this is Todd’s current need, to hear his mother’s voice. We may have to wait until Monday but trust me I will make this happen! In terms of communication he seems to be moving on from blink and to the light but clear nod for yes and shake of no. The interesting thing about this is no one asked or prompted him to communicate this way! Nods, kisses, no fever, moments of clear understanding, movement of legs, strong hands squeezes – all bits and pieces of a puzzle…….his physical therapist comes daily (somehow missed his Friday visit). Still his left side remains dormant, most clearly his arm, slight movment in the foot, and there are definately times when he is much less lucid and it is unclear whether he knows us at all. So with everyday we have answers, also comes questions.

Annie was arranging to come early November but we are not sure if that is the plan now. After good conversations with the doctors a realistic window for us to get on a plane is in about three weeks. This time will allow weening off the ventilator (he is performing well on this task), and the returning of the two skull fragments to that sweet little head of his…. so while of course of it is all day by day we can now start to look more closely at the big picture.

And to those of you who have asked about sending packages and/or letters here’s what I’d like you to do… Send them to our home or give them to Levon at the St.Francis Fountain. If you don’t know our mailing address you can ask Amy, Mark or send me a personal email. You’ll need to get items to Levon by Wednesday the 17th. Thanks for all your support and care. Peace and Love, Alex and Todd