Penny says: So today was a big day. Todd has been doing so well that his breathing tube was removed and replaced with a tracheotomy tube so that he’ll be able to swallow and talk when he’s ready . He’ll be weaned from the respirator over the next few days while his lungs and chest muscles get stronger. He’s doing really well, getting stronger everyday. I sat with him today for longer than I normally do and it was really great when he was awake but mostly he just slept. Surgery and the narcotics associated with it are very tiring. We’re hanging in there. Alex tells Todd the most amazing love stories and he stares at her with his beautiful eyes and she gets in really close and his heart rate goes up– the machines say so!–And that’s today. Good night from Amsterdam. Love, Alex and Todd and Penny

PS Todd and Alex send all their love and great thanks for the amazing support everyone showed at Dorkbot last night. Alex wishes they’d been with you for the kick-ass evening. And she’s waiting impatiently for the pics. hint hint