Todd scratched his chin and his chest today!!!! Otherwise quiet, no fever over the day….Cat scans showed no major issues….

Todd’s father & Renate must return to the states tommorrow, parting will be difficult. Dick has been such an immense help – the best part was having a united front with family.

Here is Penny.
holey moley. i’m too tired to capitalize. there was a woman in the seat next to me for the 11 hour flight who had some crazy kennel cough. and a kid behind me at the beginning of the flight whose parents were letting him crawl all over the back of my seat-me to the mom ” hey, you’re gonna need to make him not beat on my seat.” in my best mom voice. they found other seats. so except for the kennel cough woman i had a great flight. my new favorite drink is brandy with a little cointreau. mmmmm. i don’t need to talk about the food. you know all about the food. landed, got my luggage, got completely confused by the transport,asked several helpful employees and got myself to the hospital. Alex met me and took me back to the apt. we had lunch and she went back to todd. i got lost a few times- okay it took me about 40 minutes to make a 5 minute journey- but once found the apt. was easy to enter, especially since i had keys. i was supposed to be back at the hospital by 5 but didn’t make it until almost 7. i was really expecting a big shock when i saw todd but what i got was a sleeping todd with a bunch of iv’s and a tube discreetly hanging from the side of his mouth(as a back up in case he stops breathing on his own). his color a little odd but not too. and then after a few hours his eyes opened. i nearly cried because that’s when he seemed the most like todd. he’s got such lovely eyes. they flicked around and tracked. and then he scratched his neck and his chest (like alex said) and he stayed awake for a long while. he fell asleep after we said goodnight. and now we’re fed and beered and sitting at the window watching the lovelies in the red light rooms while a light rain clears the air. nighty night. we’ll be up at 8 when the construction starts across the street, unless they don’t work in the rain. then who knows? we might sleep in. peacelovetodd and alexandra and penny
ps. check out this story about todd. it’s by Graham Plumb. we think it’s great.