Greetings all.

Today I have less words for I am tired. After much exploration we have decided to stay put and Todd’s father & Renate, ( and Yuksel & Zander) have also voted for this apartment which is in a lovely neighborhood and near the Central Station. Last night we explored the hood for dinner and then I jumped in the car to check out a houseboat, don’t ask me where ( I feel like I am on a scavenger hunt!) Then this evening a bit more of the same. If you would like to look at a map to visualize the Amsterdam “home away from home” it is in the Jordaan at Singel Street. REally great neighborhood and that saga has now come to a close, with many thanks for our dutch support team. As most of you know Todd and I are rather food centric, and let’s just say there should be no major sacrifices here in this neighborhood! Although we will prime our tastebuds for the return home!

Zander & Yuksel left this afternoon, with Penny H. on the plane as we speak…. Today Todd gave us a dose of reality as did the doctors. That said there was a wonderful counterbalance with Yuksel’s mother (neurophysiologist) who has experience & extensive knowledge in the field. She spoke of the amazing progress she has seen in these types of injuries. She says the progress is quite promising, while it is really an unclear situation, his progress is positive as opposed to feeding the pessimistic side of possible prognosis. The biggest question of the day was the spike in his blood pressure and general physical build up of stress, we have only had this symptom as part of the major fever episodes and has not occurred in a week. This required temporary sedation which as far as I know lasted only an hour. This leaves everyone, especially the medical team, with a new question mark???????

Good night to all.