Having Todd’s father & Renate here has been a blessing and a comfort. We are exercising patience, because unfortunately we have not been able to move forward with Todd’s care. He still is having the “fever episodes” which result in resedation. We long for Todd to be free of this “setback” or “setstill” if you can call it that. While fevers can be a part of the healing process, these spikes with heavy chills are proving problematic for Todd. The current round of antibiotics have no affect on the fever it seems, the doctors take cultures daily…..and the results remain nonconclusive. Dr. Blair (Todd’s father) trusts in the care here and so we wait……With them by Todd’s side I am able to step out to follow through on the logistical demands of relocation for the longer term.

Logistical process of the day.
We have been sent another dutch angel, whom Amy missed meeting…more chocolate for me! (Thank you Jennifer Holmes). We are meeting quite wonderful people in Amsterdam, that are more than eager to support us….It is amazing.
Amy and I went today to take stuff to the new apartment. What a fiasco! The apartment she had looked at (which we loved) was not the apartment we were given keys to. After much frustration we have opted to give it a try while we open the door again to a more appropriate place. The area is quite nice (the red light district, and one train ride to the hospital with no connections..15 minutes) the apartment has no bed with only a fold out couch. We had always been clear with our needs, which was a 2 bed minimum (fold out couch okay) …one for me and one for our support crew. As has been the case with our daily hurdles we rose to the challenge (after a deep breath) , and will see how this one works itself out. We will have the “good apartment” for a week while they try to squeeze another couch into the little studio they have rented us…hmm. Then later in the month the tenant of the good/right one will take possession. The positive in that one was the landlord, who as luck would have it, was present for the handoff. He was also appalled at this HUGE mistake, and made major steps to rectify things on our behalf. Documentary producer, and lovely gracious man. It still doesn’t change the fact the apartment we want had been rented. Grabbed a bite along a canal, then the Pauline clan walked me to the train and said goodbye.

Goodbye JakeEddie, Amy & Mark you will be sorely missed.