While I know those who are not here are eager to know of Todd’s progress we are currently at a standstill, moving neither forward nor backward it would seem. Todd’s fever has remained our focus for the last few days, and continues today. They take the cultures, the cultures remain nonconclusive, the same can now be said of the spinal tap. He is strong and is struggling with his fever. So we wait until there is something to treat. It is so difficult to watch as he struggles with the fever, but this (we have been assured) is only one of many mountains that we must climb. Today included a cat scan and x-ray, and still we have nothing to go on. He will remain sedated through this evening, for the fever has caused him great distress over the last few days increasing the pressure around his brain ( which we try to avoid). While in some ways this is frustrating, there have been no additional negative developments to compound that which we are already working with. The fluid is increasing in his lungs but they have attributed that to the increase in his fluid intake and are monitoring it. So ready to move beyond this, but it is completely out of our hands.

I started this note a few hours ago, and now Todd is peaceful and is holding his own 38.5, a good number from the last few days. If you read Jim Mason’s note and bits we have gotten from our many sources the low grade fever is doing its work…. Mark Pauline (who has been with me at Todd’s bedside for the last few days while Amy runs around to secure things for us before they leave) said it best, “I can’t help but think that he is repairing himself in ways which we don’t know about”.

That is to say medically all the cultures have come back non conclusive.The doctors themselves are unable to trace the potential origin of the infection, as a premptive measure they put together a new antibiotic cocktail (2) for our dear Todd. That is to say medically all the cultures have come back non conclusive.