Last night was one of the hardest yet. Hard to imagine but it is true.

After waking up – looking with those eyes, 3/4 open, listening to Alex, spitting up gunk and mid day long fever – the fever shot up like a rocket. Went to 40+. Todd’s sweet, fighting body couldn’t take it. He was put on a big dose of sedative and back into deep sleep he went .. and with more antibiotics.

The sedative was stopped with in the last hour (10ish) and just a moment ago he coughed and spit and opened his eyes a bit. A little bit. His fever is still high. 39.something. During the night it went down to 37 and is now slowly rising … again. The Dr.s are working hard to determine where/why the fever is.

Your cooling thoughts are helping. He is in a peaceful place with Alex right now.

We are encouraging him to take his time. There is no rush.