Monday, October 1st, 2007

Todd temperature has been beyond high all day – an hour ago it was 40.2 with his heart beat and breathing a labored as if he were running a marathon. Join us as we meditate and chant over him at this moment. He is down to 38.9, he is breathing slow and steady and maintaining. This combined with last few hours of cool cloths has proven amazingly successful and now we would like you all to join us as we bring Todd peace and the reserves he needs to heal.

We are your ports to Todd.


Last night was one of the hardest yet. Hard to imagine but it is true.

After waking up – looking with those eyes, 3/4 open, listening to Alex, spitting up gunk and mid day long fever – the fever shot up like a rocket. Went to 40+. Todd’s sweet, fighting body couldn’t take it. He was put on a big dose of sedative and back into deep sleep he went .. and with more antibiotics.

The sedative was stopped with in the last hour (10ish) and just a moment ago he coughed and spit and opened his eyes a bit. A little bit. His fever is still high. 39.something. During the night it went down to 37 and is now slowly rising … again. The Dr.s are working hard to determine where/why the fever is.

Your cooling thoughts are helping. He is in a peaceful place with Alex right now.

We are encouraging him to take his time. There is no rush.


(( this was going to be yesterdays post .. prior to THE WAKE UP )) – Oct 1 update to follow – post haste

Day 8.

Quiet Day. Big Day – Another really hard day.

Todd is working on his fever, which has been going up and down for the past 24 hrs. Currently he is at 38.6ish. That is too high. It was higher and Alex worked with the nurses to think of ways to help him cool down. Off came the shirt, on went the cold compresses. Down came the fever. But it is has a ways to go.

The Todd/Alex Amsterdam support base is growing. Logistics and schedules are continuing to solidify. And – Alex now has a local cell phone. There is no voicemail and please be mindful of time difference dont want to pull her out of a moment of sleep in the middle of the night .. if she indeed sleeping. (11:00 to 23:00 AMC time – and remember AMC time is 9 hours later the pst time)

+31 64 5459 483

We also have a spare for the support crew when they arrive.

Speaking of …

We kissed Liisa Pine good bye today (she has been amazing) and Dan C last night – after bringing LOVE, flowers for the girls bedroom and beer.

Todd and Alex are looking forward to the arrival of Todd’s Father, Dr. Blair and stepmother Renata on Wednesday.

This weekend two wonderful and dear friends of Todd’s, Zander and Yuksel from Berlin, with whom Todd spent most of his free time while working in Germany over the past 5 years, will be christening the Madonna House – the Support Team Apartment.

Tonight dreams are of a cooler Todd.

(Not in the mood to make a pun)

Alex and Amy