HUGE day here. The effect of the heavy sedative dormicum, is beginning to dissipate. This will take some time but Todd has great kidneys! This morning we saw the first signs of him nearing us. I ( Alex) got a good yet slight squeeze of my hand and the slightest opening of eyes with a great deal of eye fluttering throughout the day….Cannot even tell you how much he has lifted our spirits! This sedative does remain in the system for sometime and his dose was quite massive, the following days will each hold their small yet very great achievements. The drain and ICP have been removed which translates to our guy is very stable. The have just reduced his morphine which is the last medication he is on. Mark also got a bit of a squeeze but that time the doctors were poking him, so he is now reacting to pain….first time today. Good good good progress.

Logistically on our end, while Todd was building up his reserves, for us yesterday was a shit day. Fucking asshole stole Amy and my wallets from our sleeping room ( while she was only 5 feet away from the door online)! As if we needed that one! Today provided the best recovery, for our support team here have successfully secured an apartment in a fun neighborhood a metroride ride away for the AMC….. This will be great for us, and really great for the incoming support team as they begin to mobilize. For there are bars and restaurants, cafes right out the door. As many of you are expressing concern please know we do have a building Dutch support system with a new wonderful addition just yesterday, thanks Barney!

Here were everyday feels like a week, our team is building up. Mark & Jake Eddie were here today. Jake really really wants to see his Unci Todd. Todd’s Dad & Renate arrive on Wednesday…….and then we are working towards another transition and it will be a big one. Amy, Mark, and Jake Eddie leave on Saturday and Penny H. arrives on Monday for a week….we are creating a schedule to assure the even spacing of support crew so that Todd and I are not alone here in Amsterdam.

You can see why yesterday was quiet, we know many of you check this blog hourly, and be aware….so do we. Your thoughts, wishes, stories, and poems are what prop us up here so far away from home and all your hugs that we long for. Karen should be making a new place to build up the stories we are all carrying around with us….

With much love from afar.
Alex & Amy