My silence has been a product of all of the indescribable minutia, the necessary mountains to move and complete and absolute disbelief that something of this magnitude could and did happen to Todd.

Saw Todd this afternoon, and I can say to all who were there in the first days, he has made a lot of progress. Small but important parts of him are coming back, breathing on his own, bruises and swelling going down. The nurse remarked that when she shined a light into his eyes, the pupils contracted. He is really starting to look like Todd again. Enjoyed talking to him for a bit, and making a couple of wisecracks. Regardless of ones opinion of the medical establishment, its amazing to see first hand what can be done by way of mechanical repair to broken bodies at a first rate facility like the AMC.

Somehow, in the midst of all this, we were able to continue packing all that crap but it sure didn’t feel very good on the ground at NDSM this week. I am awed by Alex and her ability to manage as she does through this time. I am grateful to my wife, Amy who is supporting Alex the best she can. Without their tireless and reassuring efforts, I don’t know how the SRL crew would have made it through the past week.

Ill be thinking about what SRL will do as a group to help this next week in Amsterdam. SRL crew, please send your suggestions.