Taking things at his own pace. That is our Todd

Alex and Todd are in an incredible groove. This from Alex at 5am this a.m. to me and few others – while I slept in our cozy room just out side the ICU ward

“It is 5 in the morning and I am soon going to sleep
for a bit. Todd and I were in such a peaceful state
together I just stayed in it. It is clear through our
time together that he will be taking things at his own
pace. We also somehow connected or at least I gained
clarity on what a good plan framework might be for the
next few weeks, keeping in mind that things are and
will be changing.”

We are in constant flow between being in the moment and planning as well as we can for what is ahead. An hour, a day, a week.

Today Todd has a fever. Antibiotics will kick in soon.

Today the drain was removed from his sweet head. This is good

Today he is coughing and not liking it when they do the ballon air in, suck stuff out routine necessary to keep his lungs clear. But in true Todd style he works through it and then settles right back into Alex’s loving hands.

More to come,

Peace, Love, Todd

Amy and Alex