Today is another good day here with Todd. They have tapered down or eliminated 3 separate medications. The most important to note is he is off one of the two sedatives, which is the first step towards waking up. For even the healthiest of bodies this can take some time…..The thing to watch for is an even to low cranial pressure, which at this time after most of the day has been at a good number. This is the best scenario for today. Since today is going well tomorrow they will taper the final sedative and then Todd himself will be able to provide us with the information we are all waiting for. Over the past 24 hours I (Alex) have been able to talk Todd down from a 17 to a 13 by telling him of all the love he has surrounding him. Thank you all for everything you are sending. We (Amy and I ) are reading the comments and in turn sharing them with Todd! Trust that while Todd’s recovery is our main focus, we are also taking great care of each other, while in turn you all out there are taking care of all the rest.

More later.
All our love and thanks
Alexandra & Amy Critchett