I can not tell you how wonderful it is to hear all of this great news from Alex and Amy C. concerning Todd’s amazing progress. Like all of you, I am continuously sending the most positive thoughts and healing energy to Todd. I have only now found time to sit down and relate some of the early moments of this horrible accident and how Todd has been making such tremendous progress. I also hope this will let you know how each of you played an important roll in his healing from the very first moments.

I was about 25 meters away packing my bag and immediately after the accident I rushed in. He was unconscious and as others ran for help we checked his vital signs. After about a minute he opened his eyes, looked at me and grabbed my arm, attempting to get up. Dan Collard and I talked calmly to him as the Dutch medical teams begin to gather around him. As they pushed the growing crowd back, they allowed Dan and I to stay with him and provide familiar voices amidst the Dutch speaking medics, radios, and chaos. I can assure everyone that Todd received medical attention very rapidly and was on his way to the hospital within minutes. I rode with Todd in the ambulance directly to the hospital where we were immediately met by Mark P. and Amy C. Todd was brought into surgery while many others began to arrive at the Hospital. After several hours of surgery, Amy, Liisa, and I were brought up to speak with the doctors and visit Todd in the ICU. It was clear from our interactions and discussions with the doctors, surgeons, and medical staff at Amsterdam’s AMC that Todd was receiving excellent care.

We continuously relayed medical information to Alex and Dr. Blair, Todd’s father, and arranged for several direct conference calls between Todd’s surgeons and Todd’s family. What I want everyone to understand is that Todd was never left alone. Between Amy C. and I we stayed with Todd until Alex arrived from the States. We held his hands and rubbed his chest. I talked about all of the many great memories we had shared and about all of the adventures we were yet to have in the future. We focused on keeping a positive energy of healing in his room. More importantly, I knew that each and every one of you wanted to be by his side, hold him, and tell him your love for him. Let me assure you that I talked to him about many of you – about how much and how deeply he is loved by each of you. I often paused, holding his hand and chest, and opened myself up to all of the healing energy from all of you and channeled it into him. There are some of you that I do not know and I made sure to make you present in the room with him as well. During those first few hours an alarm on one of the machines went off. It was our rockstar Todd. He had already begun to take a few breaths on his own – fighting back against the automatic breathing system and setting off the alarm. It is such exciting news to know that he has now progressed to truly be breathing on his own. That’s our Todd! Please, know that as you may have felt helpless being so far, far away from Todd, in fact I was insuring that he was feeling your presence, your thoughts, and your prayers at his bedside.

I wished that I had had some of your own personal stories to relate, to tell, and share with Todd. So we setup this blog – not just to be a central place to track Todd’s progress and send our prayers but a place to share stories and support Alex and others at his bedside. Many of you have already given much towards Todd’s healing and progress, but I invite all of you to take a few minutes and just recall a fun or humorous memory you shared with Todd. Then please post it on this site for Alex and others to read and share with Todd. Even just a short paragraph will do wonders in keeping the momentum of the positive energy around Todd vibrant as Alex and Amy C. share your anecdotes of Todd with him.

We rushed to setup this site for Todd, his friends, and family, and it is indented to be inclusive, not exclusive. If any of you have images, video, or other material to post please let us know and we are more than happy to make sure you have full access to post, add, and share your personal memories of Todd with all of us.

I also think we need to make sure to send some energy to Alex and Amy C. as they continue to support Todd during his recovery.

Now is a very critical time for Todd and I ask they you keep him in your thoughts and prayers now more than ever as he begins to progress forward.

Todd I love you!

– Eric Paulos