This blog is meant to be a running chronology of Todd’s recovery and there will be daily updates – tomorrow Alex, Jen, or Susie will update this site with the latest news from Amsterdam. In the meantime, I’ll add previous updates here just to keep the log complete per Alex’s request with the events so far starting with Alex’s post from this morning (followed by Jen’s post):


Last night, our first night together, was a good one. The next 48 hours are so critical, it is difficult to leave his side but for a few moments. Amy and other friends are by his side when I take a break, so he is never alone. Nor has he ever been. As the evening wore on last night, the sleepless nights caught up. I put a pillow on the rail of his bed and laid my head down. Just as I contemplated sleeping on the floor,
the nurse rolled in a bed. She pushed it up right next to his, and I was able to hold him all night.

I have been talking to him about all the outpouring and love. We are talking alot about love. Todd is an amazing, wonderful, brillant person … and the miracle of him continues.

We are well cared for here by all the wonderful staff and even more wonderful friends. Please know we are far from alone.



Sept. 25
Morning, Everyone.
Here’s the latest:

As of 8:30 this morning (CA time), news from Amsterdam was very good. Todd’s intracranial pressure has remained below 13 since our last email. The goal was to keep it below 20. If things continue on this path (and they are expected to), the doctors will start bringing Todd up from the induced coma tomorrow. For this stage of his recovery, his condition is very good and the best possible situation that we could hope for.

Alex is sounding optimistic, realistic, and strong.

She is feeling tremendously bolstered by all the support she and Todd are receiving from their community of friends and family. So bring it on! The hospital staff and the SRL folks in Amsterdam are taking great of her making sure she’s eating and resting and all those things she needs to do to take care of herself. They’ve also moved a bed in for her alongside Todd’s, so she can stay close to him and sooth his spirits. He’s responding well to her presence.
So, tomorrow will be a big day. I’ll send more news as soon as I have it.

More logistical things:

Visiting: For the next few days, Alex and Amy are keeping the gates and trying to provide a safe and calm environment for Todd (without too many people or too much commotion around). As things progress, however, they will need their people closer to them.
Amy and Mark currently plan on staying until Oct. 7.
Next week, Alex wants to start pulling together and lan and schedule for those who want to visit. The goal is to spread out our visits so she has a few people there over a long period of time, rather than throngs at the door early on. Just food for thought at this point! More to follow next week.
Communications: I will be adding more names to this mail list (from Alex’s book, names she’s given me over the phone, and people who’ve emailed me asking to be added). That’ll happen mid-afternoon today. I’ll send this email to all those new to the list. I just wanted to get this out to you all sooner rather than later.

We have a plan for getting a website up (this one!) that will allow us to post updates from Amsterdam and for others to post their thoughts/wishes to Alex and Todd. That should happen in the next day or two. I’ll email the web address as soon as it is going. That’ll make it a lot easier for people to stay in the loop and participate in Todd’s recovery.