This blog is meant to be a running chronology of Todd’s recovery and there will be daily updates – tomorrow Alex, Jen, or Susie will update this site with the latest news from Amsterdam. In the meantime, I’ll add previous updates here just to keep the log complete per Alex’s request with the events so far starting with Jen’s post from yesterday…

Sept. 24

Hello, Everyone.
My name is Jen Vick; I am friend of Alex Ismerio and Todd Blair in San Francisco. I am working with Alex to get together an email list to keep her friends informed about developments from Amsterdam. For those who didn’t receive last night’s email, I’ve pasted it in below to catch you up. This list will continue to grow as Alex sends me more names. Apologies to those that I have not yet included, and sorry if this
catches anyone by surprise.

Alex arrived in Amsterdam mid-day today (Amst. time) after a grueling 15-hr flight. At this point based on the doctors’ feedback), she plans to be here for a couple of months. She is currently staying in a small apartment in the hospital, a few doors down from Todd’s room. SRL/festival people are working on getting her an apartment and a local cell phone.

At this point, everything is unfolding hour-by-hour and day-by-day, and a lot of things remain uncertain. Todd underwent another surgery yesterday to install a tube/stint in his skull to allow the doctors to manage his intracranial pressure. The next 48 hours will be critical for him. Apparently, with this kind of injury, the most severe brain swelling begins several days after the injury occurred. Managing his
intracranial pressure is the main focus now. When I last spoke with Alex, i.c. pressure was 13. The goal is to keep it below 20, so right now things are looking pretty o.k. If all goes well, they may start bringing him out of the induced coma as early as Wednesday. If it’s a rough ride, they may delay that for a few/several days.

Alex is finding a lot of strength and relief in the outpouring of support that she has received from her friends and family and the extended community that is shipping in for her in Amsterdam. She REALLY needs everyone to stay POSITIVE for her and Todd right now.
So, please be sensitive when sharing this news within our communities. Many listservs and web postings end up in her email, which she is checking in Amsterdam.

On logistics: In an effort to get information out with minimal pressure on Alex, she has asked me to be a point of contact for keeping people updated. For now, I’ll do that by email each day. In the next few days, Braam in Amsterdam will set up a listserv or website or some tech-savvy thing to make this more efficient and accessible. Please feel free to contact me at fishvick1 at yahoo dot com if you feel the need.

Suzie (sp?), a close friend of Alex and Todd’s in .A., is pooling together funds and looking at different ways for us to help support Alex and Todd’s financial needs. For those that want to contribute, more on that later. Alex and Todd really need us right now, and they will
continue to need our support for a while to come. So, LET’S RALLY!!

Best wishes to you all, Jen Vick