This blog is meant to be a running chronology of Todd’s recovery and there will be daily updates – tomorrow Alex, Jen, or Susie will update this site with the latest news from Amsterdam. In the meantime, I’ll add previous updates here just to keep the log complete per Alex’s request with the events so far starting with Jen’s post from last Sunday…

Sept. 23

Evening, everyone.

As some/all of you have likely heard through the day, Todd Blair was involved in an accident when breaking down the SRL show in Amsterdam last night. I don’t know the details, but apparently a cage fell off a forklift and struck or pinned him. He suffered severe head injuries and underwent several hours of surgery last night/this morning to relieve intracranial pressure and remove blood clots from his brain. One of his surgeons called about 10:00 am (CA time) and reported that he had suffered subdural hematoma,multiple skull fractures, and extensive damage to his frontal lobe. After surgery, he remained in a coma. The doctors will not attempt to bring him out for a couple of days. The prognosis is uncertain.

Alex left for Amsterdam on a 1:00 pm flight today and is scheduled to arrive at 12:55 pm Monday (Amst.time). Mark Pauline and Amy will meet her at the airport, and they’ll all be staying at a hotel next to the hospital. Alex’s return flight is currently scheduled for Oct 15, but that could change. Mark and Amy suggested that she plan on staying for several weeks. She has her laptop and cell phone with her. She arranged international service for her phone. Calls are kind of pricey, but texting still costs more than calling, so choose wisely.

Alex is going to need a lot from her people, and really appreciates everything that has been done for/offered to her already. She was holding together pretty well, given the situation. I spent the morning with her and Todd’s mom and sister arranging logistics, compiling contact info, making calls, packing and all those things. Lavon and Davey delivered her to SFO, where some of her SRL family met her to help with luggage, support, and seeing her off. I also spoke to Alex’s mom and (per Alex’s wishes) shielded her from the gravity of Todd’s injuries … at least until more is known (just in case any of you have contact with her also).

I am very sorry to be the bearer of (more) bad news. I’ve tried to include everyone from my list that I thought Alex would want to know, while also respecting her privacy, but I am sure that I have left people out. (I’m a little bleary …) I also don’t have addresses for many others. Apologies for that … Forward this on as you see fit …

I expect to have some kind of contact with her tomorrow re: follow-up on paper work and stuff that she left with me. I’ll send any info as soon as I now anything.

Jen Vick