Hi Friends of Todd,

By now all of you are aware of the accident that took place after the Robodock show this Saturday. In a freak accident Todd was knocked to the ground sustaining critical head injuries. The doctors in Amsterdam are keeping him in an induced coma and won’t have a complete prognosis for awhile. In deference to Todd, Alex and the families we had been keeping the information about this tragic occurence within the family. Amy Critchett and Eric Paulos were with Todd during his surgery and now Alex has arrived and he seems to be responding well to her presence.

In the meantime, many people have been concerned and asking for details so while it is too early to determine what the outcome is, the news as of this morning is that his condition has stabilized and we will know more shortly.

Keep the love, prayers, and healing thoughts for Todd coming, it definately makes a difference!

The news from this morning is good, Todd is improving!

From Susie:

“I had really good news from Alex this a.m. She said the cranial pressure has not increased and in fact lowered and the doctors have reduced a certain of their tabilizing medications to 50% of what it was. She was very optimistic about the last 24 hours, being half-way through the 48 hour red zone!!! Yes!! Go,Todd! Alex said he is obviously feeling the love.

Keep it up, everyone!”

In the meantime, for those who want to support Todd and Alex, checks can be made out to
Alexandra Ismerio
and sent to
Susan Maunu
3828 Alzada Road
Altadena, CA 91001
This blog will be kept up to date by Alex and Susie and all are welcome to post their thoughts and images, etc. as well!